At Lumbalumba Diving, we have been shut down since mid-March 2020, with just a skeleton crew of staff maintaining the resort. Our primary responsibility at this time is simply survival while our operations have been suspended. 

We are all healthy and nobody is experiencing health problems due to this crisis.
In general, not much is happening in Manado/Minahasa regarding COVID-19, compared to other regions in the world.

This is a bit strange as it is curious to note until the first week of February 2020, we still had hundreds of tourists coming to Manado from all over the world, including charter flights from China.

Many experts predicted Manado to be one of the first Corona hot spots, but it never happened.
To date, almost nothing happened.

In Manado life is as normal again. All shops are open and you can eat where you want. It is mandatory to wear a mask and there are many spots where you can wash your hands and your temperature is checked.
Also started Scoot Air with one direct flight a week from Singapore.
However the borders are still closed and no Visa on arrival are given.

Like many other countries, Indonesia plans slowly to open up again with an introduced ‘new normal’.

We will of course apply these new regulations in our operation and hope to be able to provide our services as soon as possible.

June 2021, this information was updated.

For any questions please contact us by email at

Welcome to Lumbalumba Diving!

Are you looking for a small resort with a grand design?

Lumbalumba Diving is an informal, small and comfortable dive resort in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

With no more than six luxurious chalets (9 rooms), we offer a familiar and flexible atmosphere with the personalized attention you are looking for.

Though small if you look at the amount of rooms we have, our design is grand. Located on a 3.5 hectare mountain slope surrounded by lush botanical gardens, we also have one of the most spectacular views you can find in Manado.

”Lumbalumba Diving” is a complete resort with own accommodation, excellent cuisine, bar, infinity pool, dive center on private jetty and custom built dive boats.

Free wifi is available throughout the resort and spa treatments can be arranged.

“For us, you are not just another tourist. For you, we are not just another dive resort”.

Our philosophy is simple:

We can only survive if you are satisfied. That is why we choose to be small. That way we are able to give you the extra service you are looking for.

The spectacular and world famous diving reefs of Bunaken Marine Park are all around us. That is a present from mother nature. The rest we do.

Not just diving

Although diving and snorkeling in Bunaken are the main activities at Lumbalumba Diving, we have more to offer such as,

  • Cultural land tours
  • Rain forest excursions
  • White water rafting
  • Para gliding

Lumbalumba Diving… 

“Diving with a difference”