Lou, Jerry, and more to follow…

Lou, Jerry are forming the Garden Team. All though we are a small resort, with only 9 rooms, we have a huge garden of over 3.5 hectare. There is a great variety of fruit and spice trees, palms, orchids, there are fish ponds with waterfalls, a herb garden and also a part is forest with a few hundred valuable mahogany and teak trees. It is too much to mention all. As the resort is situated on a slope the landscaping is by nature already spectacular and it is always a joy to take a walk in it. Every thing grows fast in the tropics and daily maintenance by the Garden Team is very important to keep it in showroom condition. Pruning and planting new compositions of flowerbeds and keeping the lawns tidy are only a few of the many things they do. They are maybe not so prominent present as, for example, the dive guides, but the results of their hard work is something you will enjoy through out your stay with us!


Lumbalumba Diving Manado Indonesia staff


Lumbalumba Diving Manado Indonesia Staff