How to get to Manado?

If you are not already in Indonesia, the best way to get to Manado is via Singapore. Currently there are 4 to 5 direct flights a week from Singapore to Manado with Silk Air (until May 5).
Starting June 1st, SCOOT, will take over this schedule.

Since SCOOT and Silk Air are a daughters from Singapore Airlines, it is best to get to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. The ticket to Manado is much cheaper then. From almost every western and asian country there are daily flights to Singapore. But you can of course also go to Singapore with other airlines.


Silk Air will stop flying the route S’pore Manado on May 5th 2020. Scoot will take over the schedule in June 1st.
Tickets are already for sale and can be booked at

So indeed it is unfortunately true that from the 5th of May until the 1st of June, no direct flights from Singapore to manado are available.
For guests who have planned travel dates from May 5th 2020 and before June 1st 2020,  flights are available from Singapore via Jakarta (Garuda) or Bali (Lion Air). See also below:

Another way to get here is by flying via Jakarta. Many countries and airlines fly directly to Jakarta and from there you can fly with domestic airlines like Garuda or Lion Air, to Manado. This can be direct but is often also with 1 or 2 stops. Another option is to fly via Denpasar on Bali. Internationally there are many (cheap) flights going daily to Denpasar. From there it is easy to book a domestic flight to Manado. Either direct or via Makasar (Ujung Pandang).

A great web site to find and book domestic tickets is:

Once arrived in Manado, it is about 1 to 1.5 hour to get to the resort. Depending on traffic.
If your stay is 5 nights or longer, airport transfers are included in the room rate and a car will be waiting for you at the airport. The driver is standing outside at the arrival gate carrying a sign with your name on it.
If you stay less long we can always arrange a car and driver for you. Alternative is to take a taxi. They are pleny available at the airport and know to find us!


Dive resort in Manado with diving in Bunaken North Sulawesi Indonesia

Map of Indonesia

Dive resort in Manado with diving in Bunaken North Sulawesi Indonesia

Flight routes to Manado










Free Visa on Arrival in Manado.

There are a number of countries that can get a free visa on arrival in Manado for the purpose of tourism for 30 days. Currently these countries are:

People’s Republic of China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland , Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and South Africa.

If you are a citizen from a country not in this list you have to pay 35,- US$ to get a visa on arrival or possibly have to apply at the Indonesian embassy in your country. If you want to stay longer then 30 days, you have to apply at the embassy as well.