Prices 2018

All prices are in Euro and Indonesian Rupiah and including taxes

Since March 2015 the Indonesian government issued a new law that all companies have to price products in Indonesian rupiah

The prices given in Euro are static, whereas the Rupiah prices are dynamic and daily updated following the exchange rate.

A note on packages:

Experience has learned us that it is best to book only accommodation in advance. Diving, snorkeling, dinner and landtours can all be sorted out once you are here. This way, you only pay for what you really did on activities. We prefer this compared to pre-booked packages. So if you get a cold or simply don’t like to dive for a day, you are not stuck with the package you booked in advance.

– Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No rights can be derived from this price list.-

Accommodation, restaurant and transfersRate €Rate IDR
Our 4 free standing Chalets are named Dolphin, Eagle Ray, Sea Horse & Turtle.
Free standing Chalet single occupation*85,001 402 191,00
Free standing Chalet twin/double occupation*65,001 072 263,00
The double Chalet has 2 rooms under one roof, named Napoleon & Frog Fish. The rooms can be used individually, but if necessary, also connect.
Napoleon or Frog Fish single occupation*80,001 319 709,00
Napoleon or Frog Fish twin/double occupation*60,00989 782,00
The Family Chalet has 3 rooms under one roof; Starfish, Mandarin and Sepia, which are slightly different in size. They can be used individually, but if necessary, Starfish can connect with Mandarin and (or) Sepia. The last two can only connect with each other via Starfish.
Starfish single occupation*65,001 072 263,00
Starfish twin/double occupation*50,00824 818,00
Mandarin single occupation*55,00907 300,00
Mandarin twin/double occupation*45,00742 336,00
Sepia single occupation*45,00742 336,00
Sepia twin/double occupation*35,00577 373,00
*All prices are per person per night and including breakfast.

Standard maximum occupation is 2 persons per room. However, in case of kids (with a bunk bed) or with a baby (cot) often more is possible. The Napoleon and Frog Fish are also wide enough to fit in a 3rd bed if necessary. Let us know what your needs are and send us a mail:
Lunch (dive and snorkel day trips include lunch)7,00115 475,00
Dinner16,00263 942,00
Airport transfer (one way, from or to airport, max 3 persons per car)25,00412 409,00
Stays from 5 nights and longer, airport transfers are free of charge

Diving trips and equipmentRate €Rate IDR
Dive day trip (2 dives)*80,001 319 709,00
3rd dive (Not always possible close to Bunaken, often closer by the resort, min 2 divers)25,00412 409,00
5 day trip (10 dives)*375,006 186 135,00
Snorkeling day trip / join boat day trip**35,00577 373,00
House reef dive (between 8:30 – 17:00 hrs, experienced divers only)10,00164 964,00
House reef dive with guide (between 8:30 – 17:00hrs)20,00329 927,00
Dive in vicinity with use of boat (minimum 2 divers)30,00494 891,00
Night dive from jetty (from approximately 17:00hrs)***30,00494 891,00
Night dive with use of boat (from approximately 17:00hrs, minimum 2 divers)***35,00577 373,00
Various PADI dive coursesOn request
NITROX 32 per tank5,0082 482,00
BCD (per day)6,0098 978,00
Regulator (per day)8,00131 971,00
Computer (per day)5,0082 482,00
Wet suit – shorty (per day)4,0065 985,00
Mask & snorkel (per day)2,0032 993,00
Fins – full foot (per day)2,0032 993,00
Fins – open heel (per day)3,0049 489,00
Boots (per day)1,0016 496,00
UW torch (per day trip or night dive, incl battery)6,0098 978,00
*Dive day trips include: tank, weight, towel, guide, boat, lunch, cool drinking water, coffee/tea/fruit
**For snorkelers, equipment is free and guide on availability
***Additional charge for night dives after dinner (19:00hrs) and early morning dives before breakfast (08:00hrs)5,0082 482,00
For Bunaken Marine Park visitors, a one-time park entrance fee of IDR 150.000,- is obligatory.

Land tours and excursionsRate €Rate IDR
Minahasa tour, full day
Two persons*75,001 237 227,00
Three persons*55,00907 300,00
Four persons*45,00742 336,00
Tangkoko Rainforest Tour, full day
Two persons*90,001 484 672,00
Three persons*65,001 072 263,00
Four persons*55,00907 300,00
White water raftingOn request
*All prices for tours are per person

– Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No rights can be derived from this price list –

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